Ambassador of Awesome
Brand Builder Extraordinaire


A proven and passionate brand builder, I proudly serve as ambassador to all things awesome and loyal bannerman to the entertainment franchises and fandoms bringing out the best in pop culture. 

As an award-winning producer, brand manager, and creative director with over a decade of experience in genre entertainment, it’s been my mission to boldly go and bring big ideas to life across all forms of media: Film, TV, Publishing, Gaming, Digital Media, and Consumer Products.

Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself in our Work section featuring my latest and greatest feats at Genuine and my prior consultancy Quixotic Transmedia. There you’ll find theatrical and TV triumphs for companies like Alcon Entertainment, Relativity Media, and SyFy. Landmark publishing deals for Archaia, Boom! Studios, and The Jim Henson Company. Disruptive precedents in gaming and digital media for brands like Temple Run, Hawken, Degenesis, Boss Monster, and Thrilling Adventure Hour. Even Comic-Con itself entrusted me with marketing the launch of their own digital network. And why?

I’m a connector.

Whether I’m building worlds, formulating strategies, packaging talent, brokering deals, orchestrating campaigns, or fostering communities… in the end, my role is the same. I build brands by bringing the right people together and bringing out their best. By planning ahead and placing stories and companies in a position to succeed. By genuinely connecting with consumers and delivering the quality and authenticity they deserve. By remembering that it’s not about just making things; it’s about making things that matter.

Industries and priorities change. Markets and mediums evolve. Gimmicks and buzzwords come and go. Yet in the end, I have learned one simple truth. A core belief around which this entire company, my entire career in fact, has been built.

There is simply no substitute for genuine entertainment.


• Licensed content & consumer products
• Franchise development & strategic planning
• Go-to-market strategy
• IP development & narrative world-building
• Brand management & account oversight
• Business development & brand partnerships
• Licensing sales & acquisitions
• Deal negotiation/administration
• Product development & vendor sourcing
• Financial planning & fund raising
• Integrated marketing campaigns
• Audience development
• Business intelligence & growth hacking

Winner of the esteemed Rollenspiel Prize and nominee for one Eisner Award, three Harvey Awards, and five ENnie Awards in the last five years alone, I am particularly proven in premium licensed publishing with over 150 books, comics, manga, art books, and tabletop games on the shelf.

My obnoxiously long list of past clients and cohorts includes Alamo Drafthouse, Alcon Entertainment, American Greetings, Archaia, Boom! Studios, Brotherwise Games, Celestial Pictures, China Mobile Games & Entertainment Group, Comic-Con International, Dark Horse, DC, Diamond Distributors, Electronic Arts, Entertainment One, Free Comic Book Day, Gentle Giant, Hallmark, HarperCollins, Her Universe, Ignition, Imangi Studios, Jim Henson Company, Kotobukiya, Legendary, Lionsgate, LootCrate, NECA, Nerdist, Neuron Syndicate, No Mimes Media, Penguin Random House, Psyop, Razer, Reddit, ReedPop, Relativity Media, Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, Rogue Pictures, Roku, Sean Daniel Company, Sideshow Collectibles, Simon & Schuster, Sony, Stephen King, The SyFy Channel, TokyoPop, Twentieth Century Fox, Valiant, Valve, Vault, Welovefine, Wikia, and Weta Workshop… among others.

Prioritize passion and strategic planning in equal measure.
The most inspired ideas will never succeed without a plan. The most meticulously designed plan will never succeed without passion.
Joe LeFavi - Founder, Genuine Entertainment
Prioritize passion and strategic planning in equal measure.
The most inspired ideas will never succeed without a plan. The most meticulously designed plan will never succeed without passion.
Joe LeFavi - Founder, Genuine Entertainment


I've worn many labels. Producer. Publisher. Creative Director. Editor. Development Executive. Brand Manager. Marketer. Consultant. Creator. Yet my first and my most cherished shall always be fan.

I proudly admit that I'm a product of pop culture. Attending fan conventions since I was a kid, I've grown up immersed in fandom; uniquely attune to how economies and communities alike can grow around inspired ideas. How pop culture can play a positive, powerful role in our everyday lives. How stories can inspire our personalities, professions, passions, and perspectives on life and the world around us.

Story is the oldest and strongest building block of the human condition, and I have dedicated my life to the passionate pursuit of story, the vigilant protection of pop culture, and the privilege to make a positive impact on the stories, industries, and fan communities that mean the world to me.

Genuine is my company, my life mission, and in many ways the best parts of me.
I hope to bring out the best in you.