March 18, 2021 Joe LeFavi

Alien RPG in the Top 5 Best-Selling RPGs of Fall 2020!

Happy to share that our award-winning Alien RPG with Free League Publishing (2020 ENNIE Gold Award for Best Game) continues to thrive, ranking in the Top 5 best-selling RPGs for Fall 2020. We broke into the Top 5 when we debuted in Fall 2019. One year later, we’re still there. And higher on the list! Suffice it to say, the game is far from over.

Next up is our MASSIVE Colonial Marines Operations Manual, which focuses entirely on the glorious days of the Colonial Marine Corps. Debuting Q2 2021, it’s sure to pack a punch, so I can’t wait to see more gamers dive into this inspired universe for years to come!

Learn more and celebrate the other top-sellers at the link below:


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