July 30, 2021 Joe LeFavi

Gale Force Nine announces new Dune: Betrayal social deduction game!

Gale Force Nine and Genuine Entertainment are proud to produce Dune: Betrayal, the next installment of our award-winning, best-selling tabletop gaming program for the Dune franchise alongside Legendary Pictures and Herbert Properties.

Dune: Betrayal is a new social deduction game designed by Don Eskridge (The Resistance), featuring stunning visuals from the 2021 movie. During this fast-paced experience of tactics and deception, 4-8 players must portray secret agents engaged in a bitter feud between the Great Houses vying for control of Dune. The goal is to learn the identities of your foes while protecting your nobles, forming alliances, and utilizing tools to gain knowledge and power. Hide your true nature while paying close attention to other players, as you must ultimately trust your gut and decide who among your ranks are traitors waiting to betray you.

To learn more, visit the official GF9 website and pre-order your copy of the game today. The game debuts in October 2021 alongside the theatrical debut of the highly anticipated film.

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