October 7, 2020 Joe LeFavi


HELLO NEIGHBOR: THE SECRET NEIGHBOR PARTY GAME debuts today in stores nationwide!

Published by Arcane Wonders, designed by Ariel Rubin and Juliana Patel, and packaged & co-produced by Genuine Entertainment, this game has been two hilarious years in the making as our team worked with the INCREDIBLE people at tinyBuild and Evolution to craft an entirely new way to play social deduction games that’s fast, fun, and wildly accessible for ALL players ages 8+. No narrator. No eliminations. Nothing for fun for everyone. Every time!

5-10 players take on the roles of either one of the neighborhood kids, the treacherous neighbor or even a secret neighbor. As one of the kids you will need to use your items wisely if you are to locate the keys and unlock the door to win, but beware as not only are the neighbors at the table trying to trick you into voting to let them use a key, but one of your fellow kids is actually a SECRET NEIGHBOR! If even one neighbor convinces the kids to let them use a key then the neighbors have won, so the kids must use all of their deduction skills to figure who they can trust!

So if you’re a Hello Neighbor fan, this is an authentic, must-buy extension of your favorite video game with all those familiar laughs, chills, and thrills. And if you like Werewolf, Mafia, The Resistance, or any social deduction party games that warm up a room (or Zoom) and get people laughing lickety split, then grab a magnet, snag a key, and play this game for years to come!

Learn more today and go looking for your Secret Neighbors at your local game shops TODAY!


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