May 17, 2022 jlefavi

Batman: Everybody Lies debuts TODAY!

And another dream becomes a reality as our first collaboration with DC and our first contribution to the Batman universe debuts today with BATMAN: EVERYBODY LIES from Portal Games!

This is the first in an ongoing series of cooperative crime-solving deduction board games set in the Batman universe. Featuring a new thematic interpretation of the Detective Investigation System, our game challenges 2-4 players to crack four criminal cases that combine into one super villain plot to thwart alongside Gotham’s greatest detective. Yet while our players must work together, each comes to the game table with their own hidden agenda that they try to achieve before the end. After all, everybody lies.

Walking the mean streets of Gotham City alongside Portal, DC, and WBCP has been an obnoxious amount of fun, but don’t take my word for it. Please check out the game for yourselves and host your next game night in Gotham City!

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