March 4, 2022 jlefavi

Batman: Everybody Lies pre-orders open today!

Look at that beauty! So excited that people can finally pre-order our first Batman tabletop game — BATMAN: EVERYBODY LIES — which opened pre-orders today!

Produced and published alongside our pals at Portal Games, Batman: Everybody Lies is the first release in an ongoing series of cooperative crime-solving deduction games set within the Batman universe. Featuring a new and inspired iteration of the celebrated Detective Investigation System, our game challenges 2-4 players to combine forces and crack four criminal cases that all combine into one master plot with an epic conclusion. Yet while our players must work together, each comes to the game table with their own hidden agenda that they must complete before the end of each case. After all, everybody lies.

Most know that I adore Detective, and Portal and I have already combined forces on Dune: House Secrets, so it’s been a pleasure to continue my Portal partnership and delve into DC with our friends at WBCP in a way my younger self could’ve never dreamed.

So please check out the website and enjoy exclusive bonuses if you pick up a copy today. Then keep a look out as the game hits stores worldwide in multiple languages in the months to come!

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