October 26, 2021 jlefavi

‘Dune’ sequel greenlighted by Legendary and Warner Bros for October 2023!!!

WORM SIGN OCTOBER 2023! I can barely articulate just how obnoxiously happy I am for all our filmmakers and friends at Legendary and Herbert Properties who are finally enjoying the success they all so rightfully deserve.

As many of you now know, Denis Villeneuve’s film is a love letter to not only the book, but to cinema as a whole. And now we can confidently say that this extraordinary cinematic achievement is JUST THE BEGINNING of what will soon become one of the biggest, most beloved sci-fi franchises of our generation.

It’s impossible to believe that I’m actually witnessing the Dune I dreamed about as a kid. And beyond that, that I’ve somehow been granted the honor and privilege of making even the smallest contribution to its legacy. Being entrusted to make a growing library of tabletop games that celebrate what I love most about Dune and help to bring more fans new and old into this inspired franchise and fandom.

This kind of work brings me more purpose and passion than I ever dreamed possible as a small-town Michigan kid with no money, no connections, no hope of making a profession out of my inexhaustible love for pop culture and the positive role it plays in our everyday lives. And yet here I am, and I could not be more grateful to be surrounded by so many people and projects that bring out my best and inspire me to make pop culture and these labors of love such a big and precious part of my life.

Read more about the amazing announcement here!

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