September 9, 2020 Joe LeFavi

The first trailer for DUNE conquers the internet!

WORM SIGN! The first trailer for DUNE has been unleashed! It’s been my pleasure and privilege to work with Legendary Entertainment and director Denis Villeneuve as a premier brand partner on the Dune franchise. I was quite literally their first licensee, right there at the beginning as soon as I heard Denis had agreed to direct the film. As the producer and publisher of The Art and Soul of Blade Runner 2049, I had worked closely with Denis on his previous film. Embedding into his post-production crew for eight months to produce the art book, I saw first-hand how Denis approached both filmmaking and the adaptation process. How he surrounded himself with the very best and brought out the best in them every day. How respectfully and authentically he cultivated and celebrated a rich and beloved legacy. And then went further to make such a personal and meaningful contribution that captured my heart and set the silver screen on fire.

For years now, I’ve been honored to watch Dune evolve into something truly quite extraordinary. A fan’s dream adaptation come to life. I’ve been waiting with great anticipation for the rest of the world to finally see what I’ve seen and share in my unabashed passion for this upcoming masterpiece. This trailer is the first glimpse into a cinematic legend in the making. All I can say is… I cannot wait for you to see more!

After watching the trailer, please watch the fantastic Q&A with Denis and the main cast hosted by Stephen Colbert. It’s a wonderful inside look into the filmmaking process, the film, the story… and just heartwarming to feel the real chemistry and passion behind everyone involved.