July 20, 2021 Joe LeFavi

Watch It Played for The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged featuring the TV series cast!

Produced by our friends at Watch It Played and sponsored by Brotherwise Games, we are so thrilled to share a full playthrough of our tabletop game The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged featuring none other than the Brat Pack themselves — voice actors Jack De Sena, Racquel Belmonte, and Jesse Inocalla who portray Callum, Claudia, and Soren respectively in the Emmy Award winning Netflix animated series.

Watching these wildly charming actors actually portray and play their characters in the show… fighting, bantering, and laughing just how their characters who act and react, it was just so amazing to watch our game quite literally bring The Dragon Prince to life at the game table. Seeing just how authentically our game captures the essence of this show and delivers unique ways to play each character, all with easy-to-learn rules and stunning production values gamers and TDP fans alike will enjoy. Particularly for $40.

I shamelessly adore this game, and it’s been a dream to see the actual cast from the show genuinely enjoy playing our game just as we enjoyed making it. So please check it out, then hop onto Brotherwise Games’ website to pre-order your copy of The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged today! Pre-orders will include bonus content including a special Dark Callum pack!


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